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Waterproof Double Layer Cat Litter Box Mat

Waterproof Double Layer Cat Litter Box Mat

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1. Hole-type cat litter mat, a new idea of sand leakage, restores the good effect of cleaning and collecting litter.
2. Double-layer design, the upper layer has large holes to collect cat litter, and the lower layer stores sand and can easily pour it back into the cat litter box.
3. Three-sided hemming, no sand leakage, firm hemming, strong and durable.
4. Large-aperture mesh allows for greater sand leakage and prevents the cat litter from being brought out twice. The hexagonal sand collection system can easily leak sand without getting stuck.
5. EVA environmentally friendly material is safe and has no odor.
6. Anti-scratch and wear-resistant cat owners love it. The claws have high resilience and stability, are soft, shock-absorbing, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.
7. More small details, anti-slip bottom design, waterproof and moisture-proof thoughtful design.
8. The mat is waterproof and easy to clean, and all stains will disappear in one rinse.


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