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Indestructible PIG Chew Toy For Dogs

Indestructible PIG Chew Toy For Dogs

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1. Chewing Satisfaction:

  • Provides a safe and durable outlet for dogs' natural chewing instincts, helping to protect household items.

2. Squeaker Inside:

  • Built-in squeaker offers hours of entertainment and added fun for dogs.

3. Reduces Anxiety:

  • Chewing action helps calm dogs, relieving stress and anxiety.

4. Corduroy Material:

  • Crafted from tough corduroy fabric, this toy is made to endure rigorous play.

5. Pet-Friendly Materials:

  • Constructed with non-toxic materials, ensuring it’s safe for pets to enjoy.

6. Machine Washable:

  • Easy to clean in the washing machine, maintaining hygiene for your pet’s toy.
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